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African Hair Accel is a vitamin made specifically for African American women to help grow hair faster and healthier. With African Hair Accel you can,

  • Grow your hair faster and longer
  • Give your hair all the vitamins it needs to be healthy
  • Grow longer more beautiful hair in only 30 days
  • Help stop hair breakage and shedding hair

African Hair Accel works on all types of hair, both natural and relaxed. African Hair Accel also helps strengthen relaxed hair and minimize the negative side effects of harsh chemical relaxers.

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What Real Customers Have to Say About African Hair Accel

“I’ve used African Hair Accel for about 3.5 months and my hair has grown a good 4 inches. I do recommend this product and have told several friends and family about it. I love it and will continue to buy it.”
– Valaina

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“I’ve tried many different hair growing products for years to grow my hair longer and nothing! I spent $100s of dollars on products and hair growing pills to see no results. It wasn’t till I tried African Hair Accel that I saw results in just 2 weeks!
– Trenae Jackson
“A year ago I decided to go natural. I have very thin hair and purchased African Hair Accel to help my hair grow and get thicker. I have used the product for 30 days and so far so good.”
– Rhonda

African Hair Growth PictureHow Does African American Hair Grow?

Knowing the science behind hair growth is the first step to learning how to grow Black hair faster. The speed of hair growth is determined by two factors, genetics and diet. Genetics, the traits passed down to us by our mother and father is something unfortunately beyond our control. Just like some people are born with genes that make them tall, others are born with genes that make their hair grow faster or slower.

The other factor is diet, the vitamins we consume in the food we eat every day. Just as vitamins like calcium promote bone growth other vitamins control how strong and fast our hair grows. These vitamins, which are contained in every dose of African Hair Accel, are the key to growing hair faster.

African American Hair is Unique!

It doesn’t take a genius to know that African American hair is incredibly different from Caucasian, Asian or Hispanic hair. The unique properties of African American hair means that it requires a very specific set of vitamins to encourage faster, healthier hair growth.

There are many generic products on the market that promise faster hair growth for women. The problem with these products is that they are made to work with the most common hair type, women of Caucasian, Hispanic or Asian descent with straight hair. African American hair however requires a completely different set vitamins to promote hair growth. Unlike these generic products African Hair Accel is specifically made to help African American woman grow their hair longer and stronger.

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African Hair Accel – Hair Growth Vitamins for African American Women

African Hair Accel