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Four Steps to Grow African American Hair Longer & Faster

African Hair Accel 2014-10-03

grow-african-hairSo you want to know how to grow African American Hair as fast as possible? While there’s no magical spell that will instantly grow your hair, there are things you can do to help your hair grow faster over time. Here are four strategies specifically for African American hair to help it grow longer and faster.

Hair Vitamins

Taking a daily vitamin can help hair growth by feeding your hair follicles with the nutrients they need. Hair which has all the nutrients it needs grows faster than hair which is nutrient starved. Prenatal or normal daily vitamins can help a little but vitamins like African Hair Accel which are specifically designed to help African hair grow faster are far more effective.

Another option is generic hair vitamins but these are almost always made to help grow Caucasian or Hispanic hair and lack vital nutrients African American hair needs. Whatever vitamin you choose make sure to commit to taking them on a daily basis so that your hair has all the vitamins it needs to grow every single day.

Castor Oil

Castor oil has been used for decades to help grow shiny long hair. It’s know to strengthen hair, thicken it, and stimulate hair growth. It can be applied hair tips to prevent split ends. Massaging the scalp with castor oil maintains scalp health and promotes hair growth because it increases circulation to the area. Castor oil is easily absorbed into the scalp. When castor oil is applied to the hair strand, it protects your strands by sealing the hair cuticle and moisturizing your locks. Using castor oil will help to grow your hair, make it lustrous, and keep more of it on your head.

Protein Treatments

Including protein treatments into your hair regimen will definitely help you keep more of your hair. The hair strands are made up of protein and the use of heat, chemicals, and certain hair practices causes damage the protein structure of the hair shaft. Protein treatments help to reconstruct the damaged hair fibers and strengthen the hair strands. Too many treatments can lead to hair breakage, so make sure to follow the recommended directions of whichever product you choose to use.

Careful Styling

Hair should be handled with care to minimize any loss due to unnecessary breakage. Achieving long hair is a gentle balance between growing healthy hair and retaining the length of the hair that has grown. The ends of African American hair tends to be the driest, so handling your ends gently and keeping them moisturized is critical to accomplishing your long hair goals. Always make sure to detangle from the tips to the roots. That helps to get through the tangles without pulling your hair out. Another black hair care tip for maintaining your hair length is the decrease the amount of heat that your hair comes in contact with. Heat damages the hair structure and causes dryness that can lead to breakage.

By far the fastest and most reliable way to grow your hair faster is to take a hair growth vitamin. While using protein treatments, moisturizing with castor oil, and carefully styling your hair can also help these are merely complements to a daily hair vitamin. Many people say that taking prenatal vitamins for hair growth is effective however a vitamins specifically made for hair growth and health are more effective. If you are an African American woman be sure to take a vitamin made specifically for African American hair rather than a generic vitamin to achieve the best results possible.

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